Our Healthcare System Sucks

Well I can see from the comments to my last blog about the messed up healthcare plans of our presidential candidates (or their flaunting of the fact that they have no plans) that a lot of you are pissed off about the healthcare system. So am I. In fact, I think that it is criminal that someone like Mitt Romney can sit there and say that we have universal healthcare because if you break your arm they are going to take you to the ER even if you don't have insurance.

McCain says that Hillary's healthcare plan is "putting lipstick on a pig," but I think the real pig is the current healthcare system. And the people putting the lipstick on it are the Gang of Four (pharmaceutical industry, doctors groups, hospitals, and insurance companies). They've got us all so mesmerized with their propaganda that we all think it looks like a pretty sexy pig. Why don't we all just hold hands now and sing "We've got the best healthcare in the world" to the tune of "I'd like to teach the world to sing".

Yesterday an article in the journal Health Affairs reported that 37% of Americans didn't go to the doctor when they were sick or didn't buy needed meds or treatments because they couldn't afford it. Half of all bankruptcies were found to be due to medical illness. You're not happy with this situation, either, in spite of what the media (who can't get over their excitement about all the wonderful medical breakthroughs we're having) is telling you that you are feeling. In fact, the survey showed that one third of you thought the system was completely dysfunctional, and needed to be redone from scratch, making you one of the most unhappy group of health care consumers in the world.

And doctors aren't happy about it either. They found a safe place to bitch to each other about the healthcare system at a doctors-only web site called Sermo. When Pfizer bought a piece of it they had a virtual conniption fit, literally.

And what should we do about it? I'll have to think about it and get back to you later. Right now I have to go see some patients. You see, the healthcare system I work for has been running in the red for some time now, and they're considering a merger with...