Our Identities Now Have Online Components, Featuring Ulrike Schultze

Truth or Dare: Episode 9

The Truth or Dare Podcast allows listeners to sit in on interviews with leading social experts what their work reveals about social ties.

Today’s featured guest is Dr. Ulrike Schultze. Dr.Schultze is an associate professor in information technology at Southern Methodist University. She has spent much of her career exploring the implications of social media technologies, specifically the virtual world Second Life, and how they impact identity. Her work has been featured in many leading journals. In addition, she serves as the senior editor of Journal of the Association of Information Systems.

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You can listen on any of the platforms listed below. Be sure to subscribe so you’ll be alerted when new episodes come out each week!

Or, learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at sarahcunningham.org.

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