Our Life Is Our Ministry

Our minds are specifically hardwired for the purpose of which we were created. We are the way we are because nature was built to sustain herself by the very elements which spring from its existence. Much like our ecosystem, the soul of humanity has a design which was deliberately constructed for our interdependence.

If there is a reason why most of us would question our imperfections and weaknesses it's because our faults and limitations are found to be strengths and talents in others. No one is exempt from this equation, "for we all fall short." The problem with nature is not recognizing how to tame her, but discovering how to find out what everything and everyone was made to be used for. Nothing and no one in life is of more value than anything or anyone else. Our values are just preconditioned for different assignments of nature.

Some of us toil with the burden of feeling or being different. Our minds can't turn down the volume of our own inadequacies or self-diagnosed issues. We believe if we were just made different, if we did not have to deal with this or that, we too would be successful, popular, attractive, likable, wealthy, blessed, ect. That's the greatest delusion fabricated by the human mind.

If you are a living person you need never second guess or question the worth of your existence. Your worth was "created in God's own image." Our differences or perceived dysfunctions are really just another medium of influence for others operating under a different frequency. The life of our soul can not reach the height of its affluence without us appreciating that value comes in distinct forms.

Within the interaction of humanity lies our greatest possession for self-development. Inside our hearts are treasures waiting to be discovered because there's someone else in need in the world. Inside our minds are ideas for others that serve as gleams of light which reveal a way out of ones darkened path. Our material or intellectual assets create for us the incentive to recognize that those assets are for the investment of humanity.

What has been deposited in us is to be withdrawn to all. Our personal fulfillment is tied to the responses of our fellowman's plight. As the author of Proverbs stated, "one person gives freely, yet gains even more." Jesus himself corroborates the same sentiment. As he mentions, "for whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance." Jesus is saying that when one gives of his own nature and resources to what is required of him from the world man will have found the way of being in sync with himself and all of nature.

Our inner solidarity is cultivated from the principle that our unique existence was preconfigured to serve each others needs. These needs are not defined in materialistic terms, but in holistic terms. Wealth is as much spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social, as it is material. And this must occur so that our characters would meet the criteria for wholeness which is mans common destiny.

The famous American essayist and poet Ralph Emerson once claimed in regards to how nature functions that, "All the parts incessantly work into each others hands for the profit of man ... and thus the endless circulations of the divine charity nourish man." Emerson recognized that the natural world operates under prefixed laws which produce harmony in the world. When we explore this principle a little further we recognize that this law also applies to the realities of the spiritual realm. That is, our lives are not all ordered by the same modes of value. And that doesn't make them any less significant. There is a cosmic coherence to reality, which calls for our acceptance.

Our spirit is a part of a collective human spirit which must integrate itself in this collective to establish its purpose and find peace. Within human nature our differences are deliberately patterned to keep the entire order of civilization sustained. If a man is rich in one area, his poverty will show itself true in another. If one feels impoverished, hold strong. Your wealth resides in a domain that isn't any less valuable. In more ways we can know, our life is our ministry.