Our Pets: Loss and Gain

Our Pets: Loss and Gain
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The last two nights of my two and a half months world teaching/charting tour were sleepless. For no apparent reason, I was feeling down, sad, and out of sort. I could find no logical reason. I love Istanbul, but I also love to return to the City of Angels. My trip was successful, meaningful and creative. Had a great time in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, Israel and Bulgaria. Met amazing people, reconnected with kinder souls so why am I down? In the middle of the night I got a text from my dear neighbor who takes care of Balkahn, my dog and Lyra my cat, while I am gone. She wrote anxiously that she has not seen Lyra for four nights. Being that Lyra is a Scorpio and a ferocious Bengal, I never worry when she ventures off for a nightly hunting expedition that usually results with an offering of something dead or half dead in the morning.

But this time, it was four nights. Lyra, who grew up with Balkahn, my German Shepherd rescue, would wake us up in the morning for a walk. She was very vocal when insisting on the morning walks, even though she was an outdoor cat and could walk herself anywhere she wanted anytime. But Lyra didn't come the morning after, nor did she show up the one that follows. And in Istanbul I was tossing and turning, blaming the New Moon in the feline sign of Leo for my insomnia and bad mood...

Yesterday, my neighbor walked with Balkahn and he lead her to an open field where he found the remains of a cat. Was it a Anubis, the psychopomp, in the guise of Coyotes that took her life, or a fight with a Raccoon. Alas, we do not know, but Lyra ceased to be on the New Moon in Leo. Many of you reading these words have met her as she used to sit in on the readings, adding her purrs to those of the stars. She was not the cuddling kind, but she did manage to convert many cat-haters and help them see the majesty of the feline-kind.

From August 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion moved for the first time in twelve years into Virgo. Virgo is the sign of both healing and pets. Many people find it odd. Why would the same archetype govern our pets and health? Studies conducted all over the world support the ancient astrological correlation between health and pets. Pets are used not only to aid the blind, but also for children with special needs, the elderly, in family dynamic therapy, and with heart diseases and stress. Anyone who grew up with a pet or has/had one can attest the profound healing induced by having an ambassador of Mother Nature in your home or backyard.

In addition, pets help us understand ourselves much better. Here is a little projection test for you. If you have a pet or had one, think of their greatest quality (other than that they love you) what makes them unique, special, different and so adorable. Now think of what you would like to change in them. If you would have gone to a pet-shrink, what would you ask the therapist to work with them to make them happier? The good quality of your pet is in fact your greatest trait. The issue your pet has, alas, is the thing you need to work on with your human-therapist. Pets heal us because they absorb our character, qualities as well as our challenges and issues.

Lyra taught me many things. She helped me connect to my feminine sign, as I realized that there is a reason why it is the lioness that hunts and not the lion. She made me see in daily life why it is always a goddess that is in charge of hunting and not a god. She showed me that if I want to get something done (hunting) I need to tap to the goddess in me rather than the god. She helped me accept things I don't like and change my attitude that prevent me from achieving what I need. Watching her focus and single-mindedness inspired me for the six years I had her (or she, me). By being a cat and getting along so well with my dog, cuddling with him, protecting him from other cats, going on walks together, she showed me that if traditional enemies like cats and dogs can sleep together on the same bed, lick each other and share food, then so can Israelis and Palestinians, or any other so called mortal foes.

I wish my little Lyra an effortless journey to the light and patiently await her next reincarnation.

Give your pet a pat from me...


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