We Cast 'How To Love An American Man' (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: We Cast 'How To Love An American Man'

You know you're siting on a bestseller when your first book hasn't been published yet and casting buzz about the movie version has already hit the papers. So is the case anyway with the much-anticipated memoir "How To Love An American Man," by Kristine Gasbarre, set to be released on Tuesday and already slated to be the next "Eat Pray Love" -- in both written and cinematic form. In the book, Gasbarre abnegates the snarky "He's Just Not That Into You" mindset for something more earnest and sincere: she dates a series of men in New York before traveling to Italy to learn lessons on love and life from her Italian grandmother.

Sounds a lot like "Eat Pray Love" and "Under the Tuscan Sun," right? On that note, we've rounded up our favorite picks for the next Julia Roberts and Diane Lane for this iteration of the ultimate female-empowerment chick flick.

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