Our Residents Are Proud To Call Casper, Wyoming Home

We treasure our freedom and embrace the wide-open spaces that surround us.
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City of Casper

I love Casper! On behalf of the City Council and residents, I am happy to welcome you to the great city of Casper! We are excited and honored to have the “Listen to America: A HuffPost Road Trip” stop in our amazing community, and I am confident that your time spent in Casper will be nothing less than remarkable.

Casper is a beautiful place and one our residents are proud to call home. Here in the heart of Wyoming, we treasure our freedom and embrace the wide-open spaces that surround us. Our community is deeply rooted in rich history and simultaneously progressive and cutting-edge. The cultural and recreational opportunities here abound.

A main attraction you absolutely cannot miss is the North Platte River, a world-renowned blue-ribbon fishery, which also offers white water rafting, kayaking and scenic river float trips. The Platte River Parkway trail system stretches for 10 miles through the heart of Casper and is a local favorite for walkers, joggers and bikers. I have no doubt visitors will call it an absolute favorite, too!

Our many museums, such as the Fort Caspar Museum, which is central Wyoming’s regional history museum, as well as the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. In addition, we have the Nicolaysen Art Museum (“The Nic”), which contains more than 6,000 objects in its permanent collection. The internationally regarded Tate Geological Museum, with its displays of minerals, fossils, dinosaurs and “Dee” (the largest mounted Columbian mammoth in North America), is a must see. If you’re a music enthusiast, the new David Street Station is Casper’s newest venue, and concerts are regularly held in addition to a variety of outdoor gatherings.

Shopping! What can I say about the excellent variety of shopping venues here in my hometown? It’s incredible and thrilling to see local businesses thriving! Our historic downtown is an exquisite setting where locals and visitors alike enjoy congregating and loving life.

Whether you dig into some of our local history, find yourself shopping and dining throughout our one-of-a-kind downtown and Old Yellowstone District, hiking iconic Casper Mountain or fishing the blue-ribbon trout waters of our world-renowned North Platte River, our friendly community is here to make your experience as adventurous and comfortable as possible.

Welcome to Wyoming, where we thrive on cultivating and fostering communities of teamwork, growth, and success for everyone!

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