Our Sexual Desires Are Meant To Be Explored

Our Sexual Desires Are Meant To Be Explored
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<p>Kelly Benamati - Family Solutions Expert </p>

Kelly Benamati - Family Solutions Expert

To awaken the sexual giant within is one of life's greatest and scariest treasures we can experience. Recently I had a vivid dream that awakened my sexual frustrations and my curiosity of someone I admire. I am naturally a curious woman and this trait has stemmed from childhood - but to ignore these feelings would be slow death. In my dream I was with a man at his home and he was kissing me very passionately and putting his strong arms around my small framed body. He was excited and began putting a condom on himself all the while pulling me on top of him to please his erotic nature. When I woke up - my heart was beating fast and I felt inclined to tell him about my dream via email. I consulted another man whom I felt comfortable asking for his advice and he said, "hell yeah, tell him ... he will love it". I debated all day and finally decided to express my truth to him - even though I knew he would not be open to my explicit dream and making it a reality. And boy was I right - but I would never have known if I didn't try and as Wayne Gretzky says, "We miss 100% of the shots we don't take". I believe in my heart I also made some headway to opening his eyes of feeling his feelings and getting him to respond - even if it was not what I wanted to hear. And .... So what if the feelings were not mutual - I was honest and spoke from my heart and yes rejection sucks but so does keeping my feelings inside. I am always authentically myself -- you should be too.

Subconsciously, our impulses will come out sooner rather than later and we will no longer be able to keep our true selves hidden. It is a fact that our minds are brilliant imaginative objects that will produce magnificent realities - if we have the willingness to be brave!

I am a doer, a creative dreamer, a Christian leader, I matter and make a positive difference every day in the lives of people all over the globe. I take risks, I manifest my reality and use mindful manifestations to design the life I want to live and make it a self fulfilling prophecy. What I think about and speak about - I am sure to bring about. I Create a Vision, Step Into My Power and Take Massive Action for Powerful Results!

It is not a crime to desire others and want our sexual fantasies fulfilled - nor is it impossible to create a perfect friends with benefits situation to gratify what we lack in that area. It is ALL absolutely possible for you and me. As long as everyone is playing by the same rules and using protection - it is natural to want to explore our "kinky" side (if you will). It is normal to have titillating wants and being able to stimulate pleasure in someone you are attracted to but tons of people shove their feelings in their backpack because they become embarrassed to search for the possibilities outside of "normal" relationships. Most people go through life living by a set of societal norms and are more concerned with following the crowds (doing the mundane daily grind) than meeting their own needs for fear of rejection and being made fun of. And my motto, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" .... lol .... in all honesty it would be a crying shame to deny myself pleasurable experiences in pleasing myself and my partner for the sake of "saving face" to people who are going to judge me anyways.

Here is some encouragement and some motto's to live by:

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You will be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Courage is being scared to death -- and saddling up anyways. -- John Wayne

I strongly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and start putting yourself out into the universe so you can attract what you are wanting. Use dating sites if need be, hold in your mind images of who you want to show up, ask friends to help you meet safe, fun and open individuals that are also hoping to find the same things you want and lastly do not be scared as the fear will paralyze you and make you hold back on being pleased in ways you could never image had you of said yes. Go for it, be responsible, be honest, say what you want and see how truly amazing a simple dream can turn into the fun and daring adventure of a lifetime with a man/woman that also wants to please you!!

Follow me on Facebook @ Kelly Benamati and YouTube - Kelly Benamati. I also am the founder and global blogger at The Power Of You - Blog on Facebook where you WILL be motivated to change your perspective - to creating lasting results that are meaningful. Be well, choose greatness and live a life of optimal health and vibrancy. Presence is so much more important that presents. #KB

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