Our Stubborn Reluctance to Believe

On the day following the elevation of His Eminence Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina to the papacy, the world's viewers and readers were treated to a magnificent and striking photo of what appeared to be an angelic figure. Within a few short paragraphs there also were presented opinions of so-called "experts" in the fields of science and psychology who were equally quick to proclaim that there were "explanations" for this perception.

At a time when we need God the most, or could benefit from any signs that we are being guided and protected, it is absolutely baffling and unsettling that there is this mad rush to disparage and to dissuade any semblance of a miracle or message, to minimize the magnificence or import of an image.

One expert attributed it to pareidolia, a pattern recognition tendency, which is associated with "inanimate objects." Another to a cloud remnant, or vapor trail from a jet.

Ever notice when someone encounters an unhappy circumstance, they deem themselves being punished? Yet, when an incredible chain of remedial events take place, and they are rescued or delivered from a dilemma or catastrophe, they merely "lucked out?"

I have come to believe that nothing is a coincidence. Chance meetings, the sudden contact with a close friend or associate who crossed your mind, an entry into your life of someone who proves to be an indispensable source of badly needed aid. I suggest we welcome those delightful and welcome intrusions and give thanks for their existence.

Those who write prolifically about angels or metaphysical topics have often stated that those clouds with shapes such as these mean that angels are present for us. Those who ask for signs get them. And those who consult deities to find lost objects mysteriously recover them quickly and miraculously.

Right now, we can decide which "friends in high places" we are better off having. The ones in government, the business world, or the one such as was depicted in the photo in Florida?

You do have a choice.

Oh! And meanwhile, in our nations's Capitol...