Our Watershed Moments. What do they say about us?

Our Watershed Moments. What do they say about us?
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Yesterday, the world awoke to hear that Matt Lauer from the Today Show was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. Staff, colleagues, and friends had to learn about something so personal, so private, so life and world changing from the morning news. Today, Russell Simmons steps down from his company. Congressman Conyers stays firm by not saying he will resign. Whether you are a fan of these men in power or not, the constant shifting of people’s emotions and dignity is unsettling.

There seems to be an upsurge of thoughts, conscience, and consciousness, forcing all of humanity at the same time to find some inner resolve about a personal state of vices to virtues. It is not just the loss of your interpretation of a person you have grown up with on the air, or even in your life. It isn't only about the loss of the role model millions have admired, it is about our need to check our own lives.

One of the greatest gifts of humanity is that we can learn by watching others; we do not have to live the mistakes to learn from them. When stories such as this one comes to light, it becomes a signal for others to check what they find to be an appropriate way to treat others. Is it to view women as objects to be taken advantage of, or rather to appreciate them as your daughters, mothers and grandmothers. They are the nurturers of our world and when they are violated, we are violating our future.

Was there ever a time in humanity when people treated each other with mutual care and respect? When did we begin to take advantage of another for their body, their power or their possessions? At some point along the way, we began to forget who we are as souls. We are God's children made in His image of virtues, qualities, grace and purity.

Although acting outside of our original nature has been taking place for centuries, every time we are faced with an obvious violation of our inner power and beauty, we receive an opportunity to stop the cycle and choose better. What we are learning from examples such as this is that there is the choice of respect, acceptance and dignity. When enough individuals choose it, we will bring about a future that will be of respect - a society of folks, both men and women, who will model sovereignty of spirit and values that sustain a golden age.

When electricity was discovered, we couldn't blame it for ending the industry of natural light. It was simply a transition. No more do we consider stones and spears to be our weapons - it is now about nuclear power. Similarly, as progression takes on many forms, we can't blame the scenarios of men in high powered positions being fired from their posts for inappropriate sexual behavior, as it just may be ushering in an age for women empowerment.

In Indian mythology, there is a story of the 108 Shiv Shaktis. They are women empowered by God's energy that could destroy any demon by merely exercising their God given virtues that shed light on the demon, which would be absolved and eventually disappear. I believe there is a profound energy of divine power amplifying in women and men. This energy of purity, wisdom, love, respect and truth is purging all of the dark forces in souls from every corner of the world to birth this golden age. It is an age that will not accept darkness, deceit, greed, ego, or even attachment to the old. It's an energy that will represent the true emancipation of the human soul. That which we all thirst for and know is our God given birthright.

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