'Out & Around' Blog And Documentary Explores LGBT Life Around The World (VIDEO)

Even though California is still fighting its battles, the LGBT community has long found an ally in San Francisco. But in an effort to better understand the community's struggles at large, one local lesbian couple took a trip outside the bubble.

San Franciscans Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols traveled through Asia, Africa and South America with a video camera in hand, hoping to document LGBT stories from around the world.

"We're so lucky to be from San Francisco," said Dazols. "We wanted to see what queer life was like outside the west."

And what they found were supergays.

"We found extraordinary lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are leading the momentum on the gay movement," explained the couple in a blog post. "People we call 'supergays.'"

In their blog "Out & Around," Chang and Dazols featured the people they met on their travels, sharing their stories online.

"I lost a lot of people in my life when I came out, so I went on this trip wanting to connect with others like me," explained Chang. "But I never thought that this journey would also fill me with so much hope about this world."

Now the couple has launched a Kickstarter project to try and bring the stories to the big screen through a documentary. And with backing from filmmakers Lauren Fash and Susan Graham, and 60 percent of the fundraising complete, the movie might be a reality.

"It's not a national issue anymore, it's a global issue and we have to all unite," said an individual featured in the trailer. "Gay rights cannot be won in the courtrooms, but in the hearts and the minds of the people."

Check out the trailer for "Out & Around" above, and visit Chang and Dazols' Kickstarter page to donate.



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