Out Of Bounds: Queen Latifah, La La Vazquez, Holly Robinson Peete And Jennifer Sterger Talk Dating & Sports (VIDEO)

The combination of romance and sports has always played off of one another metaphorically when referencing the dating game. During the latest episode of HuffPost Black Voices' sports video series, "Out Of Bounds," Queen Latifah is joined by sports enthusiasts La La Vazquez, Holly Robinson Peete and model-television personality Jennifer Sterger as they discuss dating and sports.

Among the various topics covered during this week’s episode is the celebrity panel’s thoughts on guys who are disinterested in sports. “That’s not sexy to me,” Robinson Pete inserted before asking, “have you ever met a cat who doesn’t know sports, like you know sports more than him? I met someone once [who said], ‘I don’t watch sports. On the weekends [Sunday], I garden.’ And I’m like, ‘what?’ It’s not cute to me.”

Vazquez supported the former “21 Jump Street” actress’ comments by stating; “There are some guys who like certain sports more than other sports, and I’m OK with that. Some are football fanatics and some are not so into the other ones. But I feel like you have to be into ‘A’ sport.”

Check out more of the "Out Of Bounds" discussion in the exclusive clip above.

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