Ellen Hosts Gay Iraqi Soldiers With A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Love Story

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Two gay Iraqis who met, fell in love and fled their home country to be together made an appearance on Ellen this week. A film about their relationship premiered last year.

“Out of Iraq” was filmed over the course of 13 years and follows the story of Nayyef, an Iraqi translator and Btoo, an Iraqi soldier. After Nayeef was forced to flee the country in 2009, the pair spent years trying to be reunited.

During their conversation, Nayyef, who is still not out to his family, told Ellen what he wishes his family knew about their relationship.

“I just want to tell them how much I love them, especially my mom, and I love her so much. But that’s me ― that’s how I came into the world ― and my happiness is with him. I want to spend all my life with him.”

Check out the “Ellen” appearance above and head here to read more about “Out of Iraq.”

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