Top Out Of Print Books In 2012

An out-of-print book is exactly what it sounds like: a book that is no longer printed by publishers. According to, 98-99% of books ever published are now out of print.

Topping off the list are three books that continually rank among the most sought-after: "Sex" by Madonna, "Rage" by Stephen King, under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, and "Promise Me Tomorrow" by Nora Roberts. Another Stephen King book, "My Pretty Pony," comes in at number four.

The Madonna book costs just under $300.00 new, and around $75.00 used. The Bachman/King book is often sold as a set of four, and costs a minimum of $77.00 new, but is an affordable $3.95 when bought used. You'd be lucky to snag a copy of Nora Robert's novel for under $50.00 used, and a new copy costs over $200.00.

The reports may serve a purpose other than entertaining book lovers: After four years on the list, Norman Mailer's "Marilyn Monroe" was reprinted by Taschen.

Check out the top 13 out-of-print books of 2012:

Most Desired Out-of-Print Books