Out of Reach

Lately I feel like I've been doing a lot of chasing, it hasn't really gotten me anywhere either as of late. Besides this series of photos, seriously. Between school and work, I never have the time to go do what I want, harsh reality right? Wrong. I really have felt out of reach of all the personal goals I have to keep me occupied simply because I have other priorities that need to be put first. I just recently got enrolled into Academy of Arts for the fall semester. Even though that is a huge new step in my life it seems so distant.

So, I made up this series to remind myself and anyone who's inspired by these photos to keep grabbing for what you want, no matter how unrealistic it is. The world is your playground and you have to take advantage of that. Just keep reaching for what you want, because in due time you're bound to grab a hold of what it is you're looking for.