15 Tech Terms And Phrases That Should Just Die Already (PHOTOS)

15 Tech Terms We Never Want To Hear Again

From the blogosphere to microblogging platforms, the World Wide Web is full of tweeple (over) using tired tech expressions -- like the four we just dropped here.

Silicon Valley has added a host of catchy new terms to our vocabulary -- "tweeting," "Googling," "friending," "Skyping" -- but it's also spawned some truly awful expressions that are trite, overly-wordy, or just plain gobbledygook. There are a few we absolutely hate; words like "weblog" -- it's just a blog -- or "influencer." If we hear any of these once more, it will be one time too many.

Check out the gallery below to see our list of tech terms we would prefer to just die already. You've got to have your own list of tech expressions you abhor, so share them with us! Click "Add a Slide," leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us your suggestion at @HuffPostTech.

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15 Tech Terms We're Sick Of

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