These Amazing Outdoor Kitchens Make Eating Inside Completely Pointless (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 9 Amazing Outdoor Kitchens That Make Indoor Cooking Pointless

When we think of our dream home, it would have two things: Prince Harry and an amazing outdoor kitchen. There's just something about the thought of cooking in the fresh air that makes us want to grill a steak (OK, maybe we'll leave that to Harry -- but still).

That's why we've rounded up nine gorgeous spaces that really make eating inside completely pointless. Don't believe us? Scroll through our list -- we're sure that not even the chance of rain or a creepy crawler would keep you from one of these.

1. Houston, Texas
cool kitchens
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2. Naples, Florida
outdoor kitchen
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3. Marathon, Florida
outdoor kitchens
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4. Marco Island, Florida
outdoor kitchen
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5. Hunters Creek Village, Texas
outdoor kitchen
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6. Portland, Oregon
outdoor kitchen
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7. Atlanta, Georgia
outdoor kitchen
Photo Credit: ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete/Flickr

8. Other Metro
outdoor kitchen
Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise/Flickr

9. Other Metro
outdoor kitchen
Photo Credit: Stirling StoneWorks/Flickr

You know what else our dream homes will have? An outdoor fireplace like these.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces

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