For This Pregnancy Photographer, Nature Is 'Where The Magic Happens'

For This Pregnancy Photographer, Nature Is 'Where The Magic Happens'

Photographer and mother-of-two Ivette Ivens has a knack for capturing breathtaking images of pregnant mamas-to-be. Her secret? She takes her subjects outside -- whatever the weather.

"This is where my ideas go out of the box, where clients loosen up, and where the magic happens," Ivens told The Huffington Post. Looking at the photographer's work, it's easy to see the magic in the breezy, ethereal pictures of expectant mothers.


A mom to two little boys, Ivens drew inspiration for her outdoor maternity photos from her own experiences with pregnancy. "The life growing inside of me made me notice the life around me, I felt such a strong connection with nature, like never before in my life," she said. "Taking my models outside just felt ... natural."

Though the images of pregnant women baring their stomachs in the cold and snow has elicited concern from some viewers, Ivens told BoredPanda that these cold-weather sessions last no more than five minutes and take place right next to a heated vehicle.

Ultimately, the photographer aims to showcase the beauty of pregnancy to her subjects, viewers, and expectant moms everywhere. "I want to show that despite swollen feet, sicknesses, pain, they are goddesses and should feel like ones!"

To view more of Ivette Ivens' maternity photos, keep scrolling and visit her Facebook page.

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