Eye-Catching Deck And Patio Umbrellas, For Shade On Your Backyard Or Terrace

Tilted, hanging, wooden and thatched outdoor umbrellas to transform your yard into a Tiki bar.
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In the warmer months, finding a shady spot to enjoy a drink is the simplest luxury. While you may be a regular at your local Tiki dive, these portable deck and patio umbrellas will transform your outdoor space into a dreamy cabana of your own. Forgo the crowds and tourists and kick back in your backyard (or the tiny city terrace Zillow said was “outdoor space”). Your outdoor umbrella will keep you out of direct sunlight, letting you enjoy the open air for hours.

From traditional thatched umbrellas to triple-tier umbrellas with wind vents, we’ve rounded up the best portable deck and patio umbrellas for making shade all summer long. We noted when a base was included, but spoiler alert: Most of them do not come with a base. In these cases, we listed the base the retailer recommends to make your summer shopping one step easier.

Even if you’re jonesing to snag an umbrella, you may want to do some light measuring before making a purchase. Some of the umbrellas have a “tilt” function, allowing the shade to follow the sun, whereas others stand straight up, hang over or even lie flush against your building. Knowing what will work best for your outdoor space will help you find an umbrella and base that you love for many years to come.

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A fan favorite umbrella with over 20,000 positive reviews
It comes in 15 colors and patterns, so it's no wonder everyone and their mother loves this patio umbrella. It's 9 feet in diameter, covers four to six chairs and has pole with a tilt function. A base is not included, but Amazon recommends this one for $79.99 .
A thatched Tiki umbrella
Kick up your feet and pour yourself a piña colada with this thatched Tiki umbrella. It has a 7.5-foot canopy for ample sun coverage and a pole that tilts to really block the sun. It doesn't come with a base, but Amazon recommends this one for $31.99.
A wood and canvas patio umbrella that will stand the test of time
Leave it to L.L. Bean to make the most classic yard umbrella there is. It has a wooden pole and a mildew-treated, fade-proof fabric top that opens to 9 feet wide. It comes in four colors and has a user-friendly pulley. The base is not included, but you can find it here for $79.
A twinkly patio umbrella with solar-powered LED lights
A must for summer entertaining, this umbrella has solar-powered LED lights that last up to 12 hours per use. The umbrella comes in 12 colors and three sizes, from 7.5 feet in diameter to 11. The pole has a tilt feature to keep you shady. It doesn't come with a base, but Amazon suggests this one for $39.99 .
A half-round patio umbrella for balconies and terraces
Finally, a way to stay shady in super small outdoor spaces. This "half" umbrella comes in eight colors and features a flat back that lies flush against the wall.
It reaches a little more than 4 feet out, giving you ample shade without dominating your space. The base is not included, but Home Depot recommends this one with a flat back for $53.88.
An offset hanging patio umbrella
For getting shade in hard-to-reach places, this water-resistant hanging umbrella is it. It's 10 feet in diameter, ensuring shade and UV protection. It has an adjustable pole and comes with a steel cross base, though the site suggests holding this down with sandbags for extra security.
A scalloped umbrella with extra detailing
The perfect mix of sweet and durable, this outdoor scalloped-hem umbrella comes in three colors. It's about 11 feet in diameter and the base is not included, but Amazon recommends this one for $61.49.
A smaller patio umbrella with a push-button tilt
If you're looking for an umbrella that's a little more compact, you found it. This umbrella is seven feet high and less than 7.5 feet in diameter, though you can also choose a size that measures 6.5 feet by 10. It comes in eight colors and has a super easy push button to make the top tilt. It doesn't come with a base, but Amazon recommends this one for $19.57.
A rectangular umbrella, for something a little different
Why settle for a circular umbrella when you could upgrade your yard with this rectangular one? The top comes in eight colors and the pole has a tilt function. The base is not included, but you can find great ones on the site.
A vintage-inspired fringe tassel umbrella
This umbrella brings a little luxury as you block the sun. It comes in nine colors and patterns, all of which showcase the fancy fringe tassels. But it's not just pretty; this umbrella is also wind- and water-resistant. The umbrella spans seven feet in diameter and the pole has a tilt function. A base is not included, but Amazon recommends this one for $54.99.
A pagoda-inspired umbrella
With a nine-foot diameter, this umbrella will give you ample sun coverage in style. It comes in four colors and has wind vents so it won't topple over. It fully covers a 48-inch round table. The base is not included, but you can find great ones on the site.
A 3-tier umbrella fit for a queen
A little more elevated than a usual patio umbrella, this three-tier umbrella comes in five colors and has a 9-foot diameter. The pole has a three-level tilt function to ensure you're hidden from the sun wherever you are. The base is not included, but it's super sleek and $79.
A classic umbrella in a variety of fun colors
This patio umbrella has a classic silhouette but comes in eight modern colors. The top comes in four sizes, from 6.5-10 feet in diameter. It has a heavy-duty iron pole, painted to look wooden, and comes with a 3-level tilt feature. The base is not included, but Amazon recommends this one for $152.93 .
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