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The 11 Most Annoying Outfits We Saw At Coachella

Fringe galore, floral headbands, bindis -- yup, you guessed it, we're talking about Coachella. The annual music festival that takes place in Indio, California wrapped up Sunday and let's just say, the street style was more er, interesting than ever.

Over the past couple of years the focus has shifted away from what is happening on stage and become more about what is going on on the grass. Namely, what the festival-goers are wearing. Though some managed to hit it out of the park in (h/t to you, Solange), others clearly need to spend more time perusing Urban Outfitters next time.

Checkout the 11 most annoying outfits at Coachella.

Tallulah Willis


We have to give her extra points for not just wearing hot pants and a bra top like most of her famous counterparts.

Kendall Jenner


Wednesday Addams goes to Coachella.

Kendall Jenner


To be honest, this entire list could just be filled with photos of Kendall Jenner. After all, she did go to Coachella both weekends.

Kylie Jenner


That's an aggressive head piece.

Vanessa Hudgens


The real icing on the cake here is her dip-dye pink hair. Or is it her anklet? Or her blue claws?

Vanessa Hudgens


A floppy hat that is twice the size of your head is on the official Coachella packing list.

Selena Gomez


If it ain't crochet, it ain't cool.

Paris and Nicky Hilton



Paris Hilton



Sarah Hyland

Is there ever an event Sarah Hyland doesn't go to??

Kendall Jenner

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