Where's The Bump? 'Outliers'

Drew Linzer doesn't find a bounce for Romney; neither does Nate Cohn, who tries to decipher why. Sam Wang sees a "negative bounce," while Harry Enten says it's too soon to tell. Nate Silver discusses possible outcomes in post-convention polling.

The Democrats draw bigger opening night ratings than the Republicans, may or may not have beaten football.

Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell call for a "Clintonian pivot"; Ed Kilgore provides a reality check.

"None of the Above" approved for the Nevada ballot.

Anna Greenberg weighs in on the four marriage ballot initiatives this cycle.

The National Journal hosts a DNC polling panel including Joel Benenson, Celinda Lake, Margie Omero and John Anzalone.

The Daily Caller claims the Department of Justice is suing Gallup because of a David Axelrod tweet. (via @BrendanNyhan)

Nate Silver received internal polling data, secretly, from the 2008 Obama campaign.

Allie Briggs asks a good question.

AAPOR and ASA launch a new interdisciplinary journal.