Sky Not Falling 'Outliers'

Rick Perlstein sees no Republican doom in demographic inevitability.

Mark Mellman reminds that State of the Union addresses rarely affect the President's approval rating.

Alan Abramowitz forecasts Republicans will hold their House majority in 2014.

Carrie Johnson reports on Gallup's internal methodological review.

David Brooks ponders the rising philosophy of data-ism.

Sam Wang and John Sides offer differing takes on the gerrymandering debate; Jonathan Bernstein and Michael McDonald weigh in.

David Nir highlights two Census data sets for the 113th Congress you'll want to bookmark (via @DKElections).

Elizabeth Wilner breaks down CMAG advertising data for the Senate and House.

John Sides offers reasons to study social science.

Michael McDonald updates 2012 turnout calculation to 58.2 percent.

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