Outrageous Celebrity Spending Habits: Drake, Lady Gaga, Beyonce And Other Stars Buy Big

Outrageous Celebrity Spending Habits

Let's just say he was "taking care" of business: rapper Drake reportedly threw down $50,000 worth of green bills recently at a strip club in North Carolina. But the 26-year-old is hardly the first -- or the last -- celebrity to spend money in outrageous ways: Lady Gaga reportedly dropped over $60,000 for 27 koi fish, imported directly from Japan, while Trey Songz's Hollywood Hills rental allegedly costs the singer $35,000 per month -- and that's just the news from this past week.

Launch the slideshow below to see a compilation of other stars coughing up some pretty ridiculous numbers that proves opposite that beloved Us Weekly saying, "Stars: They're just like us."

Lady Gaga

Outrageous Celebrity Spending Habits

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