Home Decorating Ideas You'll Never Actually Do, But Really Want To

Home Decorating Ideas You'll Never Actually Do

Something happens to your brain when you get lost in the vortex that is Pinterest. Especially when it comes to home decorating and design. You find yourself lost in a rabbit hole of outdoor swinging beds or laundry rooms that make separating your whites from your colors actually look like a good time.

But in reality, all those ideas you've pinned will likely fall into one of two categories: The attainable things you'll easily incorporate into your living space, or the things so fantastical, they never really make it beyond a Pinterest board.

The latter is clearly more fun. Which is why we've gathered some of the very best home decorating ideas we love to love, but know we'll never actually do.


Housing your knives properly is very important and the odd-sized spaces left between your kitchen appliances are annoying. This butcher block knife drawer is the solution you've been waiting for. It is a lot of work to have custom cabinetry built into your kitchen and can be rather pricey, so this one may only be a genius solution for serious chefs out there.

ombre staircase

Not everyone gets to have such a paintable staircase or even a staircase at all, (hello, small NYC apartment dwellers!) but that doesn't mean we can't dream about spicing up those that do exist. It may look like a big ask, but the results are pretty spectacular.

rotating sink
Kitchen + Bath Artisans
It's really hard to admit that we'll likely never have this circular sink, unless we are getting a custom kitchen from the creators, Kitchen + Bath Artisans. We love nothing more than when functionality finds its way into a sleek design, but space will really dictate whether this one can be a part of your kitchen.

organized pantry

This impeccably organized pantry is pretty much what dreams are made of. A weekend-long DIY project all its own, the beautifully stacked cans and labeled treats are mesmerizing. Every person wants to think they can and will get to this level of organization, but sadly, very few do.

pallett bed
We can all agree you'd have to be crazy not to want one of these hanging from a tree in your backyard, but the likelihood of actually having it? Maybe slim to none. The step-by-step directions make this swinging pallet of napping heaven seem like a simple project to tackle, but the idea of hanging the monstrosity from a sturdy structure turns the simple assembly into a daunting task. Maybe a stationary bed is all the napping heaven we need.

triple bunk beds
Triple-decker bunks not only feel like the best slumber party set up of all time, they actually could be a welcomed solution for many small space issues. The concept looks great, provides extra storage opportunities and will let the bunk-bed dwellers feel like they're in a fort every night of the week. If there is a handy man or woman in your life who will whip these up for you, you're golden. If not, you may be stuck with regular old trundle beds like the rest of us.

storage stairs
It is really no surprise that there are many storage-related items on this list. Turning existing space that is being wasted into a place to store your belongings is great. Unfortunately, it's not a common feature in many homes and would involve some customization. So while you'll likely not find these in that turn-key home you're hoping to buy, we do love the idea of adding these sneaky little drawers to a must-have list when building or renovating a new house.

kitchen aquarium island
Rene van Dongen & KOLENIK
A giant aquarium that doubles as your kitchen sink, countertop and gas range is clearly something of a conversation piece. It's also the epitome of a cool home decor idea you'll never actually do. Some would argue that the benefit of an island that size is the extra storage space, so let's all agree that this massive fish tank may not be the most practical kitchen amenity of all time. But, if a custom-kitchen is in your future, why not add some fish friends to the family?


Pirate Ship by Kuhl

Kuhl Design Build
"Go to your room" wouldn't really be a punishment if your room had a pirate ship nestled above your closet doors. While we can't get enough of this whimsical children's room, there is a drawback or two. Pulling this off would require some very high ceilings and a very handy person. Not to mention, you'd need a real-life Peter Pan for a child, because after you create a masterpiece like that, growing up sounds less than ideal.

penny floor
This gives a whole new meaning to throwing your money into new flooring. While we can't help but love the finished product, having the patience required to complete such a project seems impossible. We can't deny how sharp it looks, though... and what are we doing with all that change anyway?

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