Campaign To Erect 'Take Back Are Country' Billboard Raises $1,000

This one appears well over their heads.

The battle to #TakeBackAreCountry begins tomorrow. Will you be their? Stay tuned.

Posted by Shares From Your Aunt on Thursday, January 21, 2016

One billboard’s war cry against greedy politicians wasting public dollars is creating an online stir not for its message but its memorable slogan: “Take Back Are Country.”

The glaring typo seen splashed across a mock-up for the blue and neon green sign appears to be part of a satirical website's attempt to lampoon right-wing beliefs and Christian values.

It seems to be working, but many social media users are apparently not getting in on the joke.

As of Thursday, a visit to the billboard's touted website of redirects visitors to an IndiGoGo fundraising page where a little more than $1,000 has been raised toward erecting the sign.

"Enough Is Enough!!! SharesFromYourAunt Needs A Billboard To Get Are Message Out To Caucus-Goers," the online campaign reads while touting the satirical website,

That site features similar tongue-in-cheek memes and outrageous public warnings, including a “Fast and Furious” murder scandal linked to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Pandora Charm Bracelets being blamed for Mexican street violence. The cover photo for the site's Facebook page features pictures of Jesus, a kitten and a star-spangled bald eagle.

Biting back at one online report that appears to take the Iowa caucus billboard's campaign seriously, the satirical website's mascot, Aunt Sharin Caldwell, tweeted: “Oh great. Now the #LameStreamMedia is attacking me for trying to @TakeBackAreCountry."

Asked by a Facebook user whether the campaign is real or not, Aunt Sharin replied: "This isn't something I'd feel comfortable joking about."

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