Outside Lands Sold Out (PLAYLIST)

But sadly, now it's only the most wonderful time of the year for the lucky go-getters who made sure to purchase tickets.

That's right: For the second year in a row, Outside Lands has sold out. Three-day passes, single-day tickets, VIP, the works. Gone. Finito. Kaput. Nada más.

"Please do not come to the festival unless you have a ticket," an ominous email from organizers warned.

Since this is San Francisco's biggest weekend, after all, we're pretty sure you secured your pass early. If you did, get into the holiday spirit with our custom-made essential playlist below. (Bonus: You can also check out our curated slideshow of music videos from every single act in the lineup.)

If you didn't, there's always next year. And you can still listen to our fantastic roundup of tunes while crying alone in your bedroom.

Outside Lands 2012 Lineup