Why These Were The Gayest Winter Olympics In History

Adam Rippon along with Gus Kenworthy got the lion’s share of media coverage of LGBTQ Olympians.

In addition to the gold, silver and bronze medals handed out at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, one with a rainbow would have been fitting.

There were a record number of out LGBTQ athletes at a Winter Olympics (15) and the first publicly out male Winter Olympians (four). This led to the most coverage of out Winter Olympians by the media in history.

Two of the out gay men were high-profile Americans, which intensified the coverage in the U.S. Overnight, skater Adam Rippon became a household name, while skier Gus Kenworthy — though not at Rippon levels of interest — kept the high profile he had in the U.S. prior to the Games.

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