Over 1 Million People RSVP To Girl's Quinceañera After Invite Goes Viral

So, who wants to start a #QuinceDeRubi carpool?

Rubí Ibarra García and her family were planning to throw quite the bash for her quinceañera, but the internet had even bigger aspirations.

More than 1 million people have RSVP’d to the party to be held in a rural town in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi on Dec. 26. And it all started with a viral video invite in which Rubí’s father Crescencio details the event before warmly announcing: “You’re all hereby cordially invited.”

Thousands, near and far, took those finals words to heart as 1.3 million have agreed to attend the party on a Facebook event. There’s even an unauthorized website for the party, which describes the birthday bash as “the biggest 15 in the world. We’re all invited!”

Rubi’s mother, Anaelda, told a local television station that the family only intended to invite people from the area.

“My husband made the invitation, but to people who live in neighboring regions,” she said, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know who copied it, but they posted it and it blew up, as if it were an invitation to the entire world.”

The viral video invite also prompted a slew of memes that only strengthened the event’s popularity. Companies, like Mexican airline Interjet, even created ads in its honor and offered customers discounts on their travels to Rubí’s quince.

Even Mexican actor and “Mozart In The Jungle” star Gael García Bernal got in on the fun by starring in a parody video of the video invite.

Anyone concerned that Rubí’s father had rescinded the invite after his daughter became “sad” that her party had been hijacked, can rest assured. After the family made peace with the attention, Crescencio welcomed everyone to what is bound to be the event of the century.

“Everybody who wants to come, you’re all invited,” he said, according to AP.

So, who wants to carpool?

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