Over 50% Of Doctors Have Considered Quitting and Here's Why

Have you ever found yourself grunting or complaining about your job? Have you ever considered leaving work on an afternoon and never returning again? You are not alone. In a survey conducted in 2011 it was reported that 73% of Americans hate their job. Included in that survey could've possibly been your doctor. Yes, your doctor.

Despite the high wages most doctors (including medical doctors, plastic surgeons, those in sedation dentistry and more) bring in each year it has been reported that 300 or more physicians quit each and every year. What's even more saddening is that job satisfaction for doctors it at an all-time low.

So what exactly has led to the decline of satisfaction? It depends on who you ask, but the Dr. Melinda Melinda Hakim, founder of DoctorCPR admits she quit because the impersonal aspect the job had caused her soul to die and she is not alone.

The question now being posed to patients and even medical students across the world, why would one leave such a stable income? The same reason most people do, and doctors are no different.


Many professionals often feel overworked especially early in their careers when they are forced to work in clinics. Instead of spending quality time with each patient that walks through their doors doctors are tasked with making sure they get into see as many patients within an hour. This often leads doctors feeling as if they are having to meet a quota vs. a need.

No Respect

Do you ever feel disrespected while at work? Doctors do too and it's often thanks to patients. Many doctors often complain that while their number one job is to help patients they seem to most often encounter problems with them. Patients tend to view doctors as people "trying to steal their money" and this often leads to disrespectful conversations.


Filing insurance, filing Medicaid, filing patient records and the list goes on of various types of paperwork that doctors must fill out when dealing with patients. More time is often spent on paperwork than on patients.

Medication Procedures

Patients aren't the only ones who hate medication denials. Doctors do too. When patients are denied certain medications because of their insurance doctors are forced to do additional work in order to identify medications that insurance companies will not deny.

Endless Hours

Many doctors spend many nights on call. This often interrupts the time these doctors have with their families. This can be stressful for doctors who have small children.

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