There's so much you can do with the little-used space above your bed.

What should you hang on the wall over your bed?

There’s so much you can do with the wall above your sleeping space besides hang a piece of oversized artwork. If you’re a renter, you might be looking for paintless ways to add a pop of color to a room. If your design tastes change faster than you can hammer a nail, then perhaps you want design options that are easy and versatile.

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Fortunately, there are a ton of unique and interesting ways you can add color, personality, texture and design to a bedroom using the little-used space above your bed.

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Geometric wooden shelves
Bring a rustic look to your bedroom with a series of reclaimed geometric wooden shelves. Stock them with plants, photos, knick knacks even wrap string lights around them for a warm glow in the evenings.
A DIY plant shelf
Bring the outdoors in by installing a supportive shelf above your bed to display vines, succulents and more in unique pots and planters.
A series of succulent holders
If you just can't quit the succulent trend, we hear you. Dress up the wall above your bed with a series of floating wooden shelves, which can hold knick knacks, succulents and other decor. If the shelves aren't you style, you can even go for a series of tiny wall-mount planters.
Some oversized contrasting wall art
How adorable would these "Live by the sun, love by the moon" pictures look over a bed? You can order the digital download here, and snag unique poster hangings for them here.
A minimalist statement piece
If the idea of mixing and matching several big and bold art pieces to hang above the bed sounds like your idea of a nightmare, opt instead for a simple statement piece. You can DIY something simple, or, if DIY isn't your thing, shop for something unique and handmade.
A salty fringe banner
FunCult is the namesake behind those glittery fringe banners you've probably seen all over Instagram. If you're looking for a funny and clever above-the-bed decor idea, opt for one of their dozens of cute and sassy designs. Or, you can even request your own custom one!
A DIY pegboard for mismatched pieces
If you like the look of mismatched pieces, but want the versatility to rearrange as your collection changes, try creating a custom, DIY pegboard above your bed using basic pieces from any hardware store.
A picture ledge
If you want the look of curated artwork with the versatility of being able to swap out pieces as your tastes change, a picture ledge is a great option. Most are designed with a small groove in the bottom that'll keep pictures at the same angle, and the upturned ledge will prevent them from falling.
A handmade macrame wall hanging
You've probably noticed this trend popping up in the form of hanging planters and door hangings. Macrame wall hangings are a simple and easy way to add design and texture to the space above your bed.
A patterned tapestry
Add some color and texture to a room without painting by adding a bold hanging tapestry or fabric. Tapestries are ideal for any bedroom, but especially for renters who need an easy design solution for white rental walls.
For a design touch that'll also make your bedroom appear bigger, try hanging bold mirrors above the bed.
Loud removable wallpaper
White bedroom walls got you feeling down? Try easy-to-use removable wallpaper to add some texture to your bedroom.
Cascading fairy string lights
Add some ambiance to a bedroom by artfully hanging a series of cascading fairy lights around and above the bed.
Oversized colorful artwork
Use an oversized piece of artwork to bring contrasting colors into your sleeping space.

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