11 Best Over-the-Knee Boots For Wide Calves

Get ready for the colder months with boots that offer comfort and style.
With the arrival of cold weather comes the desire to wear over-the-knee boots. These wide-calf boots allow everyone to enjoy the the fashionable trend.
Left to Right: Roaman’s, Good American, Girotti, DSW/HuffPost
With the arrival of cold weather comes the desire to wear over-the-knee boots. These wide-calf boots allow everyone to enjoy the the fashionable trend.

The fashion dilemma pops up at the same time every year: Find over-the-knee boots that not only go with your many fall and winter outfits, but won’t also require a small loan just to secure a pair. However, shopping for these cold weather must-haves presents another annoying issue that many boot lovers face: over-the-knee boots that fail to fit wider calves.

Seriously: There’s nothing worse than browsing online or in-store and seeing a pair of cute boots, only to try them on and realize they don’t fit. And while we’re on the topic of cute boots, it’s worth mentioning that the majority of the options that do exist for wider calves only come in black, have a super low or nonexistent heel, or don’t offer different textures (suede is great, but other fabrics exist!).

The demand for more variety in over-the-knee, wide-calf boots is present; a simple Twitter search proves that. But Marie Leggette, founder and editor-in-chief of The Curvy Fashionista, says there have been major changes in the past five to 10 years.

“You have more plus-size retailers and brands adding boots to their collection or their offerings. You now also have mainstream retailers bringing in collections that are exclusive to their site,” Leggette said. “For example, Nordstrom and Macy’s have their in-house brands that also do wide-calf boot options. You’re starting to see change and inclusion, especially in colors outside of black.”

Precious Lee, Lizzo and Ashley Graham sporting over-the-knee boots.
Left to Right: Gotham, Joe Scarnici, Robert Kamau
Precious Lee, Lizzo and Ashley Graham sporting over-the-knee boots.

Leggette went on to say the best way to approach boot shopping for wider calves is to first measure your calves to see how many inches the boot’s circumference needs to be. While many shoe brands’ wide-calf boot selections typically start at 16 inches, it’s important to note that boot shopping is definitely not “one size fits all.”

“While we now have more wide calf options, we don’t have the range of calf width sizes. It’s like, is the circumference really 16 inches? Because that’s not technically a wide calf. My calf size is 17 [inches] and I’m what they would call a ‘small fat,’ so it’s really going to be important that there’s more clarifying info about the sizing and measurements,” she said.

To measure your calves for a smoother footwear buying experience, grab your nearest tape measurer and get the circumference of your calf at its widest part, and round it to the closest centimeter. For better accuracy, do this for both calves, as it’s common and totally normal for one to be slightly bigger than the other.

“Know your calf width size because when you know that, and as certain brands are starting to be more aware and list the circumferences, you will be prepared and you will know ahead of time if it’s going to work for you,” she said.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on your fall over-the-knee boots or already thinking about your winter wardrobe, check out these wide calf options. May of them offer extended width sizes and heel heights.

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Girotti stretch over-the-knee boots
To build your pair in a wide calf option, first choose "size" from the drop-down menu. Calf circumference ranges from approximately 21 inches to 24.84 inches, depending on shoe size.

Get them from Girotti for $229.
Room of Fashion Chateau over-the-knee block-heel stretch boots
The calf circumference of these boots ranges from 15 to 20 inches, depending on shoe size. For wide calves, color options include grey, brown, and black.

Get them from Amazon for $92.49.
Kirby knee high boot
These boots by Trotters have a 15.5-inch circumference in the wide calf size.

Get them from Nordstrom for $159.95.
Kaison extra wide-calf over-the-knee boots
This pair comes with a calf circumference of approximately 19 inches.

Get them from DSW for $89.99.
Haley faux suede over-the-knee boots
Calf circumference on the Haley ranges from just under 17 inches to nearly 20 inches, depending on shoe size, and comes in black and cognac.

Get them from Fashion to Figure for $119.95.
The Weekend boots
This slouchy pair comes in an extended width in black suede.

Get them from Good American for $295.
Cameron wide calf boots
These tall boots range from approximately 17.25 inches to 20.25 inches in circumference, depending on shoe size.

Get them from Roaman's for $128.99.
Jaydi over-the-knee wide calf boots
Complete with a chunky block heel, this pair has a calf circumference of approximately 16 inches.

Get them from DSW for $79.99.
Bow-back over-the-knee boots
These boots from Torrid come in both wide calf (16.6 to 20 inches wide) and extra wide calf (18.6 to 21.9 inches, depending on shoe size).

Get them from Torrid for $64.67.
Dream Cloud over-the-knee stretch boots
These boots are about 18 inches around at mid-calf.

Get them from Lane Bryant for $119.95.
Tokyo stretchy over-the-knee boots
These classic boots have a circumference of 15 to 19 inches, depending on shoe size.

Get them from Amazon starting at $82.59.

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