Over the Line: Boehner Inserts Pic of Congressional Hispanics in Terrorist Montage.

After years of immigrant bashing and recent heated rhetorical statements about Latin American leaders, the patience of CHC towards GOP leadership members may be used up.
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Latino members of Congress are up in arms because the Leader of the beleaguered and aimless Republican House caucus, John Boehner, released a new web video ad today that associates them with terrorists and controversial foreign leaders. The topic of the web ad is terrorism and the question is do you feel safer after 100 days?

The web ad inserts a pic of Barack Obama sitting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus among pictures of terrorists, Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince, and the President shaking hands with, super villain to the right wing, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

After years of immigrant bashing, recent over heated rhetorical statements about Latin American leaders, and even a renewed claim by Republican pundit Pat Buchanan that Hispanics threaten the very survival of the country, the patience of CHC towards GOP leadership members may be used up.

As I write this members of the CHC are reading a response. We will continue to follow. Here is the video:

OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON FOR JOHN BOEHNER, MICHAEL STEEL, RESPONDS-"This is beyond silly. The video also includes an image of the President speaking at the House Democratic Retreat in Virginia. Is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus suggesting that every Democrat in the House is connected with terrorists? Of course not. America's national security is serious. This complaint is not."

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