Over There, Over There, Send the Word, Send the Word To Beware

These are some of the words to the George M Cohan song published in 1917. The very patriotic song was written, I expect, to instill pride in a nation that was going to war by joining the fight in Europe.

Ninety years later, similar words and thoughts abound, probably evolving from the "Strangelove" brain of Karl Rove and others who continue to repeat old reasons and come up with new ones in order to justify the war in Iraq.

If I hear one more Republican running for election or re-election say to a reporter, "We are better off fighting them over there then fighting them here," I will go to my window, open it and shout, "I'm fed up, and I 'm not going to take it anymore." I even heard a Republican congressman running for re-election add on the notion "I would rather fight them over there then fight them here as they attack our supermarkets," or something close to that. The purported reporter holding the microphone said NOTHING in response to the statement.

It would be more then one would hope for if the American "journalists" asked all of these people exactly what they mean by the "fight them there rather then here thing."

Someone in the White House press corps should ask the President directly if he agreed with the "over there" premise. The White House, and Rove have promulgated the notion that the war in Iraq is directly and irrevocably tied to the war on terrorism, and to oppose the war is to put our nation in jeopardy in the "war" on terror. The administration continues to "swift boat" everyone who has the temerity to express the notion that we should leave Iraq as quickly as possible and end the war.

How many in the administrations who are calling for the continuation of the war have sons and daughters, or husband and wives in harm's way?

Ninety years ago, it seemed like a good idea to fight and die "over there." --Not any longer in Iraq.

Norman Horowitz