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Overcome Doubt: Celebrate What Is Right With You

Do you ever doubt yourself? Insidious thing doubt. Doubt has its value. I have two sayings around doubt that I find useful. If in doubt, don't do. Hold, don't act. When in doubt, check it out. Get more information.
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Incredible things happen when we're open to possibilities because the world is an extraordinary place.
Dewitt Jones

From time to time, you may be aware that you do not appreciate the best in yourself. Perhaps you tend to be harsh and self-critical. You may have grown up with the kind of motivation that went: if you knew you were bad, you would want to do better. It makes for a doubtful frame of mind because the truth is that none of us is bad, or intrinsically wrong.

Would you like more self-confidence? Do you ever focus on the things you do not like about yourself - such as your body shape, colouring, bad habits, failures or mistakes from the past?
Do you ever doubt yourself? Insidious thing doubt. Doubt has its value. I have two sayings around doubt that I find useful. If in doubt, don't do. Hold, don't act. When in doubt, check it out. Get more information.

Similarly, when we make a point of seeing all that is wrong with the world, it breeds a kind of hopelessness and despairing. On the other hand, when you start looking for all that is good, you may feel much more inspired and creative. When you hear the news, you might doubt that we shall ever recover from the economic downturn. If you look around more closely, you will find new seeds of economic growth already germinating.

What if you could transform your feelings of doubt into solid knowing about what is true for you, and the wealth of assets with which you were born? Imagine what it would be like if you were open to possibility. The energy of possibility can awaken you to a new sense of capability, courage and enthusiasm.

In my work with people, individually or in groups, I focus on the strengths, qualities, subtle nuances in their personalities and character that they may not yet see for themselves. I find that people are literally "awe-some", and yet their best may be hidden by a negative self-perception. The Pygmalion Effect tells us that the images we hold of ourselves, and for others, have a way of becoming real. In the workplace or at home, individuals can lend tremendous strength by holding a positive vision for each other, seeing them successfully achieving what they really want.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


Realizing intentions, fulfilling dreams, achieving goals all take energy. Dwelling in a negative frame of mind about yourself, or the world in which we live, is energy draining and stressful. Maybe the greatest part of accomplishment is overcoming the challenges along the way. The moment of celebration is as much for the strengths, self-mastery, understanding you gain, as for the end result in visible terms.

It seems to me that the darknesses of difficulty, disillusionment, disappointment or discouragement are there so that we can better exercise our light, our presence for love, compassion, empathy and sheer human creativity and wisdom. The light in you, the presence of your human spirit is much greater than any shadows of doubt or limitation. We are each blessed with the opportunity to become masters of our lives, to be more fully in joy and celebration, to be energized and fulfilled.

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.
I do not judge the universe.

HH the Dalai Lama

In this video, Dewitt Jones invites us to celebrate what is right with our world.

Celebrate What's Right With The World - Dewitt Jones

What can you celebrate about yourself - right now? Did you get up this morning, perhaps with a thought of love for someone you care for? Could you have a moment when you consider how precious you are, just the way you are? Give yourself a kind word of encouragement for the day ahead. Consider the opportunities, the beauty, your day may hold in store for you. Because what you look for, you will tend to find.

Vision controls our perception; perception becomes our reality.

Dewitt Jones

Do you allow yourself to reflect, to take pleasure and joy from simple things? Take a few minutes every so often to do nothing but watch your breath. Play with how deeply you can breathe, how relaxed you can possibly become, how fully you can tune into and feel the loving that you are. Take a moment to appreciate what is right with you, and with those around you.

Your family mealtimes might become occasions of joy and celebration together, away from screens and touch pads and things plugged in your ears. Imagine what would it be like to be celebrating what is right with each other, sharing laughter, funny stories from the day, enlivening ideas and insights.

When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure
that you are always blessed in abundance.

Joel Osteen

The world may be an extraordinary place, but how about each one of us? We are living miracles, hugely underestimated. The rapidly changing world and its demands on us might be just what we need to "get it"; that you and I and each one of us are remarkable and to be treasured as the gems that we are. Perhaps these days are inviting us to upgrade our game so that we can appreciate and truly celebrate the gift of this life.

What is the beauty you notice and appreciate in daily life? What do you see that is "right" with our world? What would you like to be celebrating more fully during 2010?

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