Overcome Fear of Failure Once And For All

Overcome Fear of Failure Once And For All
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Does this sound familiar?

You imagine risking everything to follow your crazy dream.

Time, money, pride, stability, energy--you give it everything you've got. And the worst thing is, you're not even guaranteed to succeed.

You've heard that those who succeed take risks. You've heard that those who succeed fail, a lot. You've heard those who succeed are insane.

But you ask, "What if I don't succeed? What if I don't bring my dreams to fruition? What if all my well-laid plans go wrong? What if I lose my regular income and the bills keep coming? What if I lose my house, and ultimately my family and friends?"

And those are good questions, because you could end up living in a cardboard box, begging people for pocket change at a street corner. Or worse--you start eating the unthinkable. You eat caterpillars. And cry yourself to sleep wondering why you made such a horrible mistake.

"Nope," you say to yourself. "It's too great a risk. I'd rather settle for this sucking life I have, compared to eating caterpillars or begging for change."

You say, "The timing isn't right, and I'm not a risk-taker."

But whatever the excuse, deep inside you know the real truth--you're afraid of failing.

You know what? You're not alone. I have experienced this fear in my life. (I've even eaten caterpillars, but that's a different story.)

Fear of failure makes us play small in life. It stops us from chasing our dreams.

Today I want you to drop that fear once and for all.

Are you ready?

Remember, fear is in the mind.

You control your mind, and fear only goes as deep as your mind allows it. If you imagine yourself failing, fear will take you down that horrid lane. At some point fear will hold you hostage, and I guarantee you'll stop dreaming.

Your mind will whisper, "This is the real world, and dreams don't come true in the real world."

Here are six strategies to help you look at the fear of failure from a direction that will serve you well.

1. Life's already dangerous

Life is inherently insecure. Loved ones can walk out on us, bosses can fire us without warning, and the vehicles we drive can hit others and suddenly end it all. But you're still surviving. You've made it this far in life.

Instead of protecting yourself from unseen future pain, go ahead and aim for what you want. Wouldn't you rather enjoy life now? Stop holding yourself back. Life is full of chances and opportunities, so stop holding yourself back. Go on and claim what's yours.

2. Playing safe is scary

If you want to settle for mediocrity, just play it safe. This means making decisions based on fear, and not living up to your potential.

But in the end, isn't the prospect of not living up to your potential the scariest thing of all?

So start living your purpose today, and stop robbing the world of your uniqueness by not following your dreams.

3. Failure Is the starting point of success

Failure brings you closer to what you want. By taking action, you come to know what you want, and you're a step ahead of the majority of people.

Failure gives you the clarity and confidence that can bring you closer to your dream. Let failure inspire you, not discourage you.

4. Let fear be your companion

What makes you afraid in life is often what you truly desire to accomplish. Taken that way, fear delivers a positive message about your desire. When it comes to pursuing your dream, the stakes are higher and so the fear naturally surfaces.

So use your fear as a source of guidance about what you want to achieve. Whatever you're afraid of doing, do it.

5. Failure doesn't define YOU as a failure

Never confuse the two. Failing at something doesn't mean you have failed. It means that you tried and it didn't work, so you move on to what works. Failing is a practical matter; it's not something that should tie up your emotions. Don't let failing affect your feelings.

6. Fear is in your imagination

Your mind is good at protecting you. Anything unknown, even success, is a threat to your mind, and it reacts with fear because it thinks that will keep you safe. Your mind will do anything to keep you protected, including parading several fears in front of you.

The honest truth is that sometimes your imagination is far off from reality. Some fears only exist in your mind. Rise above them and move on.

Let's face it--it's scary stepping into the unknown

But taking action toward your dream is less risky than not doing it.

So rise above your fear and know that your dream is YOU.

Imagine yourself years from now. What do you want to tell your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids?

I'll bet you want to be known as a person who says, "I'm living my dream because I chose to follow it," not "I had a dream, but I never . . ."

Make a change in your mind. Realize that failure is part of life, but you are above the failure.

Dreams are born from taking risks, failing, and getting up and learning from that failure.

Don't play small, because time is not on your side.

The world is waiting for you.

I promise. Your dream lies beyond your fear.

Ann Davis is on a mission to help you identify your true talent, so that you can live the life you've always wanted. Download the free Guide: Discover your true talent and make it profitable.

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