Overcoming Addiction Is A Matter Of Reclaiming Personal Freedom (VIDEO)

Freedom is important to Vasavi Kumar.

During a HuffPost Live discussion about overcoming addiction, Kumar described her battle with addiction and the way it made her feel trapped within her own life.

"When I was addicted, I did not have any sort of freedom because I was so controlled by something outside of me," Kumar said.

But now that she's no longer using drugs, Kumar said personal freedom is the most essential part of her life, and she's made a daily habit out of asking herself whether she is in total control.

"I do have to check in every single day [and ask], 'How free do I feel right now? Is there anything that's nagging me? Is there anything that's causing me to feel trapped, whether it's maybe a toxic friend or maybe not putting up my boundaries enough?''' she said.

Catch the full conversation about freeing your mind and body from addiction at HuffPost Live HERE.

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