'Overcoming Adversities As A Gay Teen' Project Documents 10 Coming Out Stories

A California-based teen sent HuffPost Gay Voices his senior project, which tells the story of 10 gay men from the ages of 15 to 82.

Devon Yaffe named his project "Overcoming Adversities as a Gay Teen: One Generation A Time," and tells us in an email: "Going into my senior year of high school, I was given the task of creating a senior project, which was a research project based on a topic of interest."

He adds, "As a newly active member of this ever-growing community, I reached out to the gay community in order to hear the stories of gay youth ... I hope that gay youth all over can see what I have created and be inspired to add their voice to the community. I feel I have created one of the best kinds of documentaries there is: the true life testimony of those who have grown up gay in a heterosexual world."

The film has since been featured on Towleroad, Queerty and a number of other LGBT media outlets.

View the trailer at top, and the full documentary below: