Overcoming Neediness Part II: Fasting with Food

Overcoming Neediness Part II: Fasting with Food
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Earlier this year, I recommended intermittent fasting as a way of calming down our needy personalities. Jeremi, one of my readers and a PR executive from New York, was kind enough to write me about ProLon- a fasting meal regiment that he markets. Even better, he mailed me the 5 day program in the hopes that I would try it and write about it. From October 2 - 6, my journey began.

ProLon is a fasting program that incorporates food. That's right, food! Now before you get too excited, this is not the food you're used to. It's mostly a proprietary blend of soups, nutritional bars, supplements. Still, fasting with food is a heck of a lot easier than a pure fast, especially if you're working or still in school.

Jeremi and his colleagues from Makovsky had several questions about my experience, so I have written them below along with my answers. Bottom line, ProLon is an excellent product that can be included in the formula for calming down our needy personalities.

Q: What was your perception of fasting prior to going on ProLon?

A: Tim Ferriss turned me on to intermittent fasting. He recommends frequent 72-hour fasts to his podcast listeners. Ferriss, a longtime admirer of stoicism, also mentioned that the philosopher Seneca experimented with periods of fasting.
Prior to ProLon, my perception of fasting was that it was both, physically and mentally exhausting. The food ProLon provides in its program reduces the mental burden by allowing you to eat various meals, such as soups and nutritional bars.

Beginning the ProLon Challenge

Q: How did fasting with food change your perception of fasting as an approach to better health and wellness?

A: Fasting can lead to better health and wellness. All told, I lost roughly 6 pounds from 5 days of fasting with food (resuming my regular diet added a few back).

Who knew that you could fast with food? I think it's astonishing how Dr. Longo and his team were able to discover this mimicking trick. I hope they are able to continue producing and innovating the product in the future.

First Breakfast

Q: How does ProLon compare to other fasts or nutritional programs you've done?

A: ProLon reduces the mental burden of a pure fast. The body thinks its fasting, but the mind knows better.

I was actually foolish enough to begin this fast during the second week of my new job. Ordinarily, a person experiences chronic nausea and fatigue during fasts. ProLon does not eliminate these symptoms, but the food mitigates it considerably. It would have been difficult to complete the fast during a working week without the food.

Q: In what way did fasting with food affect your energy levels?

Whether it's fasting with food, or a pure fast, your energy levels will decrease. It's only natural when you are reducing or eliminating calorie and nutritional counts to such extreme levels. However, fasting with food will give you just enough energy needed to complete a working day.

Q: What was your favorite snack item?

A: The choco crisp L-Bar was delicious. I was quite upset on Day 3 after learning that it was left out of dinner!

The last meal

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