Overdue Library Book Returned To Kentucky's Grace Doherty Library 150 Years Late

Book Returned To Library 150 Years Late

The book was published in 1828, and is the second volume of Ancient Civilizations by Charles Rollin.

The college library received the late book last week after it was found by an intern taking inventory at a nearby school. Though the staff is unsure of who checked this book out, a clue was left inside the book. The staff found a note at the end of the volume, dated July 1854, that read, "From this date, I shall eat neither meat nor gravy."

Stan Campbell, the director of library services at Centre College, says that there are eight volumes in the book series, all of which have disappeared.

This certainly isn't the first (nor, we're sure, the last) time that old, overdue library books have been returned. Last month, an overdue book was returned to an Ohio library, along with $299.30 for late fees.

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