What's Your Favorite Overlooked U.S. Attraction?: The Finals

We've come to the final round of our challenge to name the most overlooked US attraction. Theodore Roosevelt Park has been a clear favorite for voters throughout the competition, but will the unique Bridgewalk talk the crown in this final round?

Vote below for your favorite overlooked attraction, and leave a comment to tell us why your favorite should still be in the running! Voting on round three ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, May 13th.

The voting has closed! Click here to find out the winner - and our picks for spookiest cemeteries across the US!

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Photos courtesy of: Washington Crossing Historic Park, courtesy of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; Theodore Roosevent National Park, courtesy of North Dakota Tourism; Solar System Model, courtesy of Bangor Daily News; Old Perpetual Lakeview, courtesy of Lake County Chamber; Chestoa View, courtesy of Glenn Whitt; Bridgewalk, courtesy of Will Deskins/Bridge Day; Train Mountain, courtesy of Discover Klamath; Jurustic Park, courtesy of Visit Marshfield WI.