'Overly Attached Computer' Samsung Commercial Taps Creepy Web Celeb Laina Morris (VIDEO)

A new Samsung commercial makes a meme-savvy play at consumer coercion. The message: Buy a Samsung SSD 840 solid state drive or your computer will start to act creepy... very creepy.

The crux of the pitch? The computer is played by Web celebrity Laina Morris.

Morris vaulted to fame and memedom earlier this year, when her video response to a Justin Bieber contest, in which she plays a character dubbed "Overly Attached Girlfriend," went viral.

In the ad for the South Korean tech company, "Overly Attached Computer" threatens to reveal embarrassing web searches, release confidential information and send dirty messages unless she gets what she wants.

How will the SSD 840 address the malevolent PC's needs? One of the solid state drive's selling points is that it encrypts information at the hardware level, thus providing an added level of security, according to Samsung.

While it's easy to see the humor in Morris' creepy, wide-eyed expression, critics of the ad have dismissed it as "too confusing and trying too hard to be cool." As Hypervocal notes, some users on Reddit accused Morris for "selling out."

However, supportive voices seemed to drown out the "haters."

"I want to see the first viral video star who's like, 'Money? Nah man, I do it for the love of a niche website best known for its misogyny and objectification of underage women.' Whatever Reddit, the commercial made me laugh," Reddit user "thumb22" wrote.

This isn't the first Samsung ad to split opinions this year.

In September, a Facebook spot for the Samsung Galaxy S3 device backfired when the company asked users which device they'd want on a desert island. Many responded that they'd prefer an iPhone.

The ad came on the heels of an inflammatory Samsung print ad, "It Doesn't Take A Genius," which stoked the ire of Apple fans.

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