Overly Attached Girlfriend: Justin Bieber Fan Creates 'Boyfriend' Parody About Attached Girlfriend (VIDEO)

After this video, Justin Bieber might thank his lucky stars for Selena Gomez.

One fan took a different take on the pop-star's hit song "Boyfriend" and created a parody that's sure to leave viewers tossing and turning in their sleep.

The crazy-eyed girl sings about what life would be like with an overly protective girlfriend that stalks her partner's every move. And let's just say, it doesn't sound pretty.

With lyrics such as, "I wouldn't call it jealousy / Just looking out for you / Reading all your texts / Watching everything you do," the creepy hilarious clip quickly surpassed 170,000 views just one day after it was posted to YouTube.

And in true viral video fashion, the singer has since been turned into a series of "overly-attached girlfriend" memes featured on Reddit and BuzzFeed.

Frankly, we're just surprised a cardboard cutout of Biebs -- or anyone else for that matter -- wasn't lurking in the background.