#OverlyHonestMethods Captures All The Hilarious Science Not Fit For Publication (TWEETS)

TWEETS: #OverlyHonestMethods Captures Hilarious Science Goofs

"Honesty is the best policy," goes the old truism. But as the latest trending hashtag on Twitter illustrates oh-so-well, it may not be the best policy for the thousands of scientists and graduate students trying to get their research published.

The hashtag, #OverlyHonestMethods, provides an outlet for all those who have engaged in less-than-sterling lab practices, but would never, under any circumstances, mention their shady actions in a publication.

Some tweets with hashtag are bizarre, while others are downright terrifying, but luckily, they're all pretty amusing.

Click through some of the best #OverlyHonestMethods tweets:

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