Drew Barrymore Is Hollywood's Most Over Paid Actor, Eddie Murphy Comes In Second

Who's The Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood?

Though we may want to believe that not much time has passed since the days of "Never Been Kissed," in terms of Drew Barrymore, it's more like eons.

After a bunch of box-office flops, Barrymore has now swapped her title of America's Sweetheart for a much uglier one: The Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood.

Forbes compiled a list of the 40 highest-paid stars in Tinseltown and how much money their movies have brought in within the past three years (with some timing stipulations). They then added up the production budgets and divided that by the star's pay to figure out their "return on investment" rate or how much money a studio made vs. the star's compensation.

And little Barrymore emerged the winner...in terms of losers. She returned a whopping 40 cents on every dollar she earned. Ouch.

Barrymore, sadly, is far and away the biggest sink hole in Hollywood.

Next on the list is Oscar-host to be, Eddie Murphy who returns $2.70 on every dollar. Though, with his big-time gig and a buzzed-about buddy comedy, things may be looking up for Murphy.

The other winners/losers go as follows: Will Ferrell ($3.50), Reese Witherspoon ($3.55), Denzel Washington ($4.25), Nicolas Cage ($4.40), Adam Sandler ($5.20), Vince Vaughn ($5.20), Tom Cruise ($6.35) and Nicole Kidman ($6.70).

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Click over to Forbes for the full list of Hollywood's most overpaid.

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