Overrated: The 8 Underrated Icons That Should Knock Out The Most Overrated Things Ever (PHOTOS)

Two weeks ago, I presented a taste of my book, Overrated: The 50 Most Overhyped Things in History. As expected, it garnered a few (hundred) angry comments. According to these (mostly anonymous) critics, baseball is on the list because, um, I'm insanely jealous of Americans (sorry, but even though I like many of them... I don't want to be one). Meanwhile, I included Woodstock because I have "boomer envy" (an ailment invented by boomers, specifically those who haven't done anything interesting since 1982), and added Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club because I'm a Beatles "hater". Interesting... but as people who actually know me are aware, I adore the Beatles: "Abbey Road," "Revolver," "Rubber Soul"... even two or three songs on "Sgt Pepper." That doesn't stop Pepper from being highly overrated.

OK, maybe people will calm down if I mention a few things that deserve a greater reputation, but have been overshadowed by the hype that has gone to baseball, "Sgt Pepper" and other overrated things. Here, to balance that last slideshow, are eight underrated things. (Not the most underrated things, because if anything's vastly underrated, I probably haven't heard of it.) No doubt, when you read this list, you'll only have nice things to say. Or maybe not.

If you want to see (and comment) more, check out 50-most-overrated.blogspot.com/. Or just buy the damn book.