How To Overshare: 7 Things We Forget We Do Daily On Social Media

Let's own up to it: Social media is an addictive part of our everyday lives. In fact, habits like flipping through Facebook or Instagram have become almost second nature -- 40 percent of Americans even admit to checking their smartphones while on the toilet. The problem with living simultaneously in both the digital world and reality? Sometimes we end up sharing way more than we realize.

Automatic sharing features on some social networking sites (ahem, Facebook) let you publicize your activities without having to hit a "share" button. It can be pretty convenient, until the day comes when you forget you've elected to use these particular features.

We've gathered together a list of pointers in the slideshow below, highlighting the information you may inadvertently give away on the Internet every day. Whether it's unknowingly tagging yourself in specific locations, or embarrassingly stalking your crush on LinkedIn.

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Without further ado, here are the 7 things we forget we're doing online each day:

7 Things We Forget We Do Online