Oversized Ice Cubes: How To Recreate The Bar Trend At Home

Cooling Trend: How To Make Oversized Ice Cubes

A great cocktail shouldn't have just any ice cubes -- a drink deserves more than the average refrigerator ice cubes from the tray. In recent years a trend has taken over bars and restaurants -- not only are special machines used to create crystal clear ice cubes, but ice cubes are now getting bigger and bigger. You shouldn't be surprised to see a giant cube or sphere of ice in your cocktail the next time you're at a trendy bar -- but don't think the bartenders are crazy.

There's a reason oversized ice cubes are trending, and it's not just because of aesthetics. Large ice cubes are perfect for drinks like vodka or whiskey, because the ice melts a lot slower, preventing your drink from becoming watered down too quickly. Conventional ice cubes made in trays (or even by an average ice machine) contain impurities and oxygen, which result in the cubes melting faster and adding unwanted flavors to your drink. One way to get around this is to use water that's been boiled twice, in effect distilling and purifying the water (see the video in the last slide to learn how).

If you love hosting cocktail parties or enjoy a drink now and then as a relaxing bookend to your day, you'll want to try this new trend at home. We've found some great products that can help you achieve extra-large ice cubes in your own refrigerator. One ice cube tray costs as little as $7.95. There's also the very expensive Japanese ice ball mold -- even though it costs $185, it's worth the show-stopping results.

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