Overstuffed Pizza: Pizza Hut Releases New Calzone-Like Pie

Way back in 1995, Pizza Hut launched the stuffed-crust pizza, which filled the otherwise boring strip of extra-thick dough around the rim of a normal pizza with cheese and other fillings. It's been one of the most successful menu innovations in the history of fast food, generating billions in sales. For that reason, the Yum Brands-owned pizza chain has since tried countless variations of the stuffed-crust pizza, from hot-dog-stuffed crust pizzas to bizarre, fractalesque formations called Cone Crust Pizzas. The company's latest idea? Make the entire pie one big stuffed crust.

It's called the "Overstuffed Pizza," and it's essentially a regular pizza with an extra layer of crust on top. Think of it like a flattened calzone, a giant circular Hot Pocket or even just one normal pizza overturned atop another. BrandEating, which brought the monstrosity to our attention this morning, said that the Overstuffed Pizza was closest to two mirror image Pizza Hut P'Zones combined horizontally.

There are two different sets of options for fillings -- don't call them toppings! One is the Italian Meat Trio, which combines pepperoni and two kinds of sausages. The other is the Supremo, which includes Italian sausage, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. The tops of the upper crusts on both are sprinkled with parmesan cheese and spices for extra flavor. The six-slice pies cost $12.99 and are available now across the country.



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