8 Illustrations Over-Thinkers Will Relate To On A Deep Level

Nailed it.

Here's to anyone whose brain just won't shut off.

Over-thinkers are notorious for letting their minds play on a loop. Classified as people who have incessant thoughts and are terribly indecisive, this over-thinking may also lead to worry.

But never fear, ruminators. The Internet has your back. Below are several illustrations that perfectly capture the plight of over-thinking:

1. This very real insight into your 2 a.m. thoughts.

2. This perfect portrayal of your mind in yoga class.

3. This spot-on representation of your life on social media.

4. This immediate jump to conclusions after feeling pain.

5. This unfortunate perception when it comes to social events.

6. This sad reality about sending work emails.

7. This internal thought process when ordering from a restaurant.

8. And finally, this accurate statement about your general state of mind.

Nailed it.

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