Twin Brothers At Odds After One Slims Down (VIDEO)

Twin Brothers At Odds After One Slims Down

Charles, who weighs 605 pounds, says he's desperate to lose weight — but that the person who should be helping him most, his twin brother, Adam, is weighing him down. "In the last year or so, Adam has started to lose weight, and he’s really becoming an arrogant *," says Charles. "Since he’s lost the weight, he’s started taking more jabs at me about my weight, like 'Hey, fat ass, can you get up on your own?' He’s become one of those kids who made fun of us growing up.”

Adam, who's down to 449 pounds, says, "I’m pissed off my brother doesn’t do anything about his weight ... He doesn’t work out. He doesn’t try to eat right. It’s like he’s just given up. He just sits around and constantly overeats.” Adam is concerned about his brother’s health and blames him for being selfish when his wife and son need him. He laments, “He’s just lazy. He needs to get up off his ass before he dies."

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil steps in to mediate, and see how Dr. Phil, author of The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality, 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail, offers to help both brothers get healthy using the tools in his new book. Find out more here.

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