Eager Grandparent Takes Out Hilarious Personal Ad For Single Grandson

Somebody must really want great-grandkids.

Having trouble finding your soulmate on Tinder or eHarmony? Maybe grandma and grandpa can help. Or at least they may think they can. A humorous personal ad from an eager grandparent is making people across the internet chuckle ― and maybe feel a pang of pity for a very single 25-year-old. 

A recent ad in Ireland’s Own magazine featured a call from an 89-year-old grandparent to find a “ moral, loving, kind” wife for their 25-year-old grandson. A Twitter user tweeted a photo of the quirky ad and it’s since garnered plenty of attention.

We’re guessing grandma or grandpa is itching for some great-grandchildren, as the ad also says the prospective Mrs. must “want large family.” We tried reaching out to Ireland’s Own to find out more about the grandma or grandpa who posted the ad but have not yet received a response.

No word on whether the handsome and clever 25-year-old has any clue what his darling grandparent is up to.

If it’s any consolation for him, a 48-year-old Utah man was recently shocked to find out his embarrassing dad had placed not a personal listing, but a full page advertisement to help him find a wife. 

Being single can sure be rough. 



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